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Blue LED Teeth Whitening in Austin, TX

An Outstanding Body and a Perfect White Smile Transform the Ordinary Into Spectacular! Visit Doctor Michael Escobedo, MD at Escobedo Esthetics Today for More Information!

Blue LED Teeth Whitening Near Me Austin TX

It might be on a first date or simply meeting someone new at our job or in public, but it all leads to our smile being the first thing many notice and remember us by when they meet us.

Having a healthy mouth is important, but what should you do if you have yellow or stained teeth? Achieving sparkling white teeth is easy to do today.

Years of coffee, tobacco, or wine stains can be treated and provide you a pearly white smile that will reflect a confident you. This can be done with the help of Escobedo Esthetics and our blue LED teeth whitening system. The blue LED teeth whitening system allows for the whitening of your smile in one 45-minute session through the use of an advanced and enamel-safe system.

Blue LED Teeth Whitening

What does the blue LED teeth whitening procedure involve?

The treatment begins with a special mouth rinse that allows for proper tooth cleansing while allowing for removal of any residue that might be on the teeth. A special teeth whitening gel is then applied to the apparatus of the blue LED system. Then, it’s inserted into the mouth and placed over the lower and upper teeth to cover them completely.

A cycle of blue LED is pulsed for a total of 90 seconds and then concludes with a rest period of 90 seconds so the gums and teeth are able to rest. After this, the apparatus is removed and the gums are inspected for any signs of damage before applying another layer of fresh gel and beginning the process again.

There are a total of 8 cycles done to achieve maximum brightness, although less cycles can be done once the maximum amount of brightness is achieved. The blue LED teeth whitening system is recommended for use only on natural teeth and not for use on veneers, caps, or dead teeth.

What is the cost of the Blue LED whitening system?

A session of blue LED whitening is $199. There is a home care system available for whitening at home and to retouch any future stains. Contact Dr. Escobedo today to find out if you’re a candidate for blue LED teeth whitening.

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