Diet and exercise can only do so much for your body.

Genetics, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and more cause your body to undergo several changes which cause self-esteem issues and loss of confidence. There is a solution to help you feel like yourself once more with the help of body contouring. Body contouring allows for the natural curves of the body to be revealed through a series of simple cosmetic procedures. Escobedo Esthetics offers a variety of body enhancing treatments in conjunction to fat grafting that help you achieve the image you desire.

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The gym can only do so much for your shoulders and arms. Our Hi-Def Shoulder and Arms liposculpture procedure combines several liposuction procedures to enhance the appearance of the muscles through fat grafting. The result is a muscular look without the use of implants.

Using fat grafting, the Brazilian butt lift leads to more youthful, perky buttocks with a high waist line and a sensual appearance. Fat is strategically removed from the back and love handles to provide a more pronounced look. Once cleansed, it is strategically inserted providing a more pronounced and sculpted figure that enhances your curves.

Six pack abs are the crown of a muscular body, and now you can achieve that look through our six pack Hi Def abdominal sculpting procedure. Skillfully removing fat around the abdominal muscle area, Dr. Escobedo sculpts the body to showcase an athletic prowess.

To enhance the breasts without the use of implants, fat is gathered from other areas of the body and inserted in the breasts through a simple incision to provide a more natural upper torso. The result is a set of full breasts that enhances the feminine figure and produces a more attractive appearance.

Men can also enjoy the benefits of well sculpted and robust buttocks through the use of fat transfer. In a procedure similar to the Brazilian butt lift, fat is extracted from the lower, middle, and upper back and insterted to add volume and girth to the gluteus. The result is an athletic appearance for your buttocks that enhances the appearance of the masculine physique.

To reduce the appearance of those unsightly webbed cellulite marks on the body, Vaser liposelection, Smartlipo Laser, or both are used alongside fat grafting and PPR (platelet rich plasma). This allows for a smoother skin appearance that enhances the body’s natural look.

For men who have excess fat or glandular tissue over their pectoralis muscle, Escobedo Esthetics offers gynecomastia surgery. Excess fat and/or glandular tissue is sculpted through a variety of liposuction procedures that help shape the chest into a muscular pectoral appearance. When combined with our male chest enhancement procedure, fat is transferred into the upper medial portion to enhance, fill, and expand the pectoralis muscle.

Your hands can typically reveal your age. Our hand rejuvenation procedure uses fat transfer to provide a full appearance that reduces the appearance of veins and thin skin.

Enhance the appearance of your body with a variety of liposuction and liposculpting procedures. Unwanted fat is removed through a series of fat grafting procedures. The remaining fat is then skillfully shaped to achieve the sculpted body you’re looking for.

Creating balance and fullness in the muscular pectoral muscles helps shape them as the epitome of masculinity. Our male chest enhancement procedure uses fat grafting to pronounce the chest muscles in a natural way without the use of implants.