The majority of Brazilian butt lift procedures might be requested by women, but there is an increasing number of men who are also seeking to enhance their butt.
Achieving the rounded and full-look for the male buttocks is highly coveted, with diet and exercise doing only so much and often resulting in a loss of fat in the area. Male butt enhancement is done to add fullness, girth, and projection to the male buttocks through a natural method. Using your body’s fat, Dr. Escobedo is able to enhance your buttocks into a masculine physique while providing you with a shapely posterior.

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How is the Butt Enhancement for Men Procedure Done?

In comparison to traditional implants which are stiff and tend to feel unnatural, butt enhancement for men through fat grafting allows for natural results that last a lifetime.

Butt enhancement for men is done through the use of a simple procedure where fat is first transferred from the love handles and flanks of the back. The gathered fat is then purified with PRP and inserted into the gluteus muscle to help enhance its appearance.

Before the procedure, Dr. Escobedo evaluates the patient’s body to ensure the area will be able to be properly defined. He works alongside the patient to ensure the shape which they wish to achieve. Some patients prefer a “bubble” type of butt while others prefer a more “square” shape to enhance their body type.

Male butt enhancement includes fat grafting above the gluteus muscle to help customize the shape and volume that is desired by the patient.

Fat grafting is also combined with 3D Hi-Def liposculpting of the flanks and the love handles. This combination of procedures allows for the proper enhancement of the area while magnifying the appearance of your butt.

The result is a more defined look that complements the muscles in the body. Combined with a more sculpted appearance, it’s easy to see why the butt enhancement for men is becoming a highly requested procedure.

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure takes three hours in length to complete and includes three areas of 3D Hi-Def liposculpting, Vaser liposuction, and PRP. Patients who underwent the procedure typically return to work within a few days to allow for proper healing.

What is the cost of the buttock enhancement for men procedure?

The cost of the procedure is $10,000.

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