As we age, our face starts to lose fat and bone density around most of our face, including the cheeks, forehead, eyes, and lips. This leads to a sunken appearance with the skin covering the face becoming drape-like with sun exposure and loss of elasticity accentuating the appearance of your age. Face sculpting surgery with fat transfer is a recommended treatment to help restore volume and fullness to your face for long term results.

Face Sculpting

Face sculpting helps improve the loss of volume in your face and recover symmetry for a more youthful look. This is done through facial contouring surgery which uses fat transfer as well as PRP (platelet-rich plasma) to help enhance the appearance of the skin. Our face sculpting procedure allows you to recreate that youthful symmetry and plump skin.

Fat transfer is done by collecting fat from another body area such as the hip or abdomen where it is then transferred to the face after a purification procedure. This simple procedure allows for lasting results through a natural method by using your body’s own fat.

Using the body’s fat in comparison to derma fillers allows for a reduced likelihood of results not lasting as much. Derma fillers tend to last around a year or so leading to results that have to be maintained.

Facial contouring surgery provides a simple way of allowing you to reclaim that youthful look while effectively dealing with the loss of volume in your face and sunken appearances you may experience as a result of age.

The results of facial contouring surgery are long lasting and natural looking due to the use of your body’s own fat. In most faces, facial contouring surgery with fat transfer is considered the best option for those looking to improve the fullness of their face volume in a long lasting manner. It is also a noninvasive procedure that allows for minimal scarring.

The only limitation is that face sculpting is not as effective for treating fine lines and wrinkles in comparison to dermal fillers and skin tightening.

What is the cost of facial contouring surgery with fat transfer?

The cost of the procedure is $3,000 per session.

How long does the procedure take?

Each session is about one hour in length with some social downtime to allow for proper healing.

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