Our patients comment that the second area of concern apart from their facial features are their hands.
Sun damage, dryness caused by a lack of hydration, as well as the elements might be culprit for the worn look of your hands. Unfortunately, using hand creams, sunblock, and/or gloves can only do so much to help combat the effects of the environment and aging.

Skin in the hand areas tends to age just as fast as the face, which leads to them appearing to be older than what they actually are. The result of aging is the loss of skin attachments as well as fat, which gives the hand to have a worn look with little fat and accentuated veins with a hollowed look.

Your hands are a reflection of your age and as a result they are the biggest indicator of how you look. Escobedo Esthetics offers a solution to help improve the appearance of your hands: fat grafting.

Fat Grafting for Hand Rejuvenation

To help rejuvenate your hands and provide a youthful and smooth appearance, fat grafting is used to help add some volume.

This is done by taking fat from an area with high fatty tissue, such as the abdomen or the hip. The collected fat is then purified through a proprietary procedure where it is combined with PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and ADSC (adipose derived stem cells) which help promote fat and skin remodeling before being injected into the hands.

Natural fat injections are a great option for those looking to cover unsightly veins and bones in the hand while promoting balance and harmony between the body, without the use of foreign substances. This is due to hand rejuvenation’s long-lasting results and its safe nature as a result of being gathered from your own body.

Dr. Escobedo will asses the results you wish to achieve and, once the procedure is complete, you will be able to enjoy a healthier appearance, less prominence of veins and tendons, and an improved look for your thin skin.

What is the length of the procedure?

The session takes around one hour to complete with some social downtime to allow for proper healing.

What is the cost of hand rejuvenation?

The cost of the hand rejuvenation procedure starts at $3,000.