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HIV Lipodystrophy Treatment in Austin, TX

Face Sculpting for HIV Lipodystrophy. Call the Experts at Escobedo Esthetics Today at (512) 270-6291.

HIV Lipodystrophy Treatment Near Me Austin TX

Lipodystrophy, also known as fat redistribution, occurs as a result of the body being unable to properly produce, use, or store fat. There are two types of lipodystrophy: fat buildup (lipohypertrophy) and fat loss (lipoatrophy). Men tend to be affected more often by fat loss while women experience fat build up more often.

Fat Loss (Lipodystrophy)

Lipodystrophy occurs mainly in the face where sunken eyes, cheeks, and temples are affected. Buttocks, arms, and legs are also affected with veins being shown more prominently.

Fat Buildup (Lipohypertrophy)

Fat buildup affects the neck and shoulders through an enlarged dorsocervical fat pad (buffalo hump), breasts in both men and women, abdomen enlargement, and several fatty growths around the body.

HIV Lipodystrophy

Since the use of antiretroviral therapy was started to help treat HIV various patients have experienced facial wasting syndrome. Up to 50% of all HIV patients experience lipodystrophy symptoms as a result of medications.

Dr. Escobedo helps treat HIV patients from lipodystrophy with a combination of treatments including Sculptra®, Radiesse®, as well as silicone injections. This results in a healthy appearance while regaining confidence with results that last. Each treatment is custom tailored for each patient.

How long does each session take?

Each session takes about one hour with some social downtime to allow for proper healing of the treated area.

How much does HIV facial treatment cost?

The cost of treatment starts at $999 and up for each session.

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