Dr. Escobedo offers a formulated diet that helps promote healthy eating while also enhancing the effects of weight loss.

This diet comes as a result of several years of testing and allows for the maintenance of lean muscle mass while mobilizing the lose of unhealthy fat through a medically supervised lifestyle.

The result is a healthy body with an improvement in appearance as well as a reduced percentage of fat for the body. This allows for an improved sense of self-esteem alongside an improvement in the appearance for your body.

Dr. Escobedo’s Lifestyle Diet includes the following elements:


Nutraceuticals are derived from food that helps provide healthy body function through the use of health-giving additives. The name Nutraceuticals comes from a combination of the words nutrient and pharmaceutical.

Normally found in liquids, capsules, powders, and pills are derived from food sources but have extra health benefits alongside their original nutritional aspects. These benefits allow for a boost of body energy while promoting healthy eating habits through our lifestyle diet.

Appropriate Nutrition

Appropriate nutrition helps energize the body with just the right number of calories, while promoting weight loss through the removal of excessive consumption of unhealthy calories. This combines with the added benefit of giving the body all of the needed nutrients through healthy eating, while reducing the consumption of waste and other unhealthy fats that could be detrimental to your lifestyle. Appropriate nutrition allows for the enhancement of proper body function alongside an improved sense of being and presence throughout the use of the lifestyle diet.


Cleansing helps to reduce harmful toxins that hamper efficient body function and weight loss. The start of any good diet should often include a cleanse to remove the toxins you’re holding on to, and open your body up with a clean slate.


Exercise efficiently uses stored body energy while promoting a healthier body through the use of targeted workouts. This allows for your muscles to develop while burning calories efficiently to develop a healthy physique.

toned muscular couple exercising


Meditation that engages the mind maintains a healthy body image while reducing stress. Meditation also allows for a relaxed sense of being that allows for a holistically improved body.

The lifestyle diet does not include the use of stimulants. Each patient’s results will be different as a result of the variation in body types and commitment. Long term exercise as well as careful dieting is necessary to maintain weight loss while promoting a more defined body.

What is the cost for a diet consultation?

The cost of an initial consultation is $125.

A healthier body and a healthier way of life