What is the Male Chest Enhancement Procedure?

The male pectoral enhancement procedure creates a chiseled male chest wall through a natural method that results in fullness and shape.

Dr. Escobedo will carefully examine the pectoralis muscle. This will allow him to outline the area where there is a deficiency of mass as well as any other areas where there might be an excess amount of fat. This is commonly found around the nipple complex as well as the axilla region.

Once the areas have been mapped out, calculations are made to help determine the amount of fat that will be added to these areas. This allows for balance and symmetry while ensuring that the proper amount of fat is transferred to the area to better define the muscles.

Most males tend to lack muscle definition in the midline position so proper care is taken to help define this area as well.

Unlike typical hard silicone implants, fat transfer to the chest wall allows for a more customized augmentation. This allows for the muscles to feel natural while providing a masculine physique.

Male chest enhancement is a procedure that is combined with 3D Hi-Def liposculpting for certain patients. Fat grafting for this procedure will gather excess fat from around the axillae and love handle region.

As a result, the pectoral muscles are more defined through fat transfer and provide a more masculine appearance.

What is the cost of male chest enhancement?

The cost of the procedure starts at $10,000.

What is the length of the procedure?

Each session takes about three hours in length and includes 3D Hi-Def liposculpting, Vaser liposuction, and PRP. Recovery time is usually a few days and allows for the proper healing of the areas.