You work hard at the gym every day and diet, but that pesky layer of fat around your abdominal region refuses to go away.

There is a solution, however, with our unique six pack Hi Def abdominal sculpting technique that will help you define your muscular body and give you the abs you have worked hard to achieve without the use implants.

Escobedo Esthetics offers a surgical solution to transform hard to lose fat over the abdominal region into an athletically contoured six-pack through the use of abdominal etching called Six Pack Hi-Def Ab Sculpting.

Dr. Escobedo’s combination of advanced technology with an artistic aptitude for perfection make this a revolutionary abdominal etching procedure for those seeking more than just ordinary liposuction.

What is Six Pack Hi-Def Ab Sculpting?

Six pack Hi Def ab sculpting, also known as abdominal etching, is a form of liposuction that is done to reveal the muscular six pack figure hidden underneath a layer of fat around the stomach area. Done through the use of small incisions, the fat is skillfully removed to help provide body definition.

Abdominal etching is a perfect option for those who have trouble getting rid of that pesky fat that refuses to go away. The result is a thinner midsection and more defined abdominal muscles that enhances your entire body all through the use of a simple procedure that results in minimal scarring.

High Definition Abdominal Sculpting VS Etching

Six pack high definition abdominal sculpting differs from abdominal etching in a few ways. Our High Def technique involves sculpting and eliminating fat around the rectus abdomens, linea semilunar, linea alba, external oblique, umbilicus, rib cage, serrates anterior, latissimus doors, and pectorals muscle groups.

It also tightens skin over the newly sculpted muscles, highlights muscle groups, creates greater shadowing in natural body convexities, and completely eliminates adipose tissue in some areas without compromising blood vessels, nerves, or tissue integrity.

Ab etching in comparison is a bit more aggressive in nature and doesn’t highlight the areas as well as our High Def technique.

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How is Six Pack Ab Sculpting Done?

Traditional liposuction requires physicians to stay at least one to two inches below the skin to avoid uneven contour defects such as divots. Our new abdominal etching technique involves the application of sculpting directly beneath the skin without the same harmful adverse events.

Using a proprietary abdominal etching technique, Dr. Escobedo meticulously eliminates adipose tissue between and over the abdominal muscles. Excess fat is then skillfully sculpted to create a firmer, muscular stomach. Not only does this lead to immense muscular definition, it also improves skin laxity without the need for skin excision.

How long does Six Pack Ab Sculpting take?

Each session is about two hours in length. There is some social downtime to help the abdominal area heal correctly and provide the best results.

How much does the Six Pack Ab Sculpting cost?

The cost of Hi Def Ab Sculpting starts at $9,000.

Six Pack Abs are a simple procedure away

If you would like to see more muscle definition to your abdominal section as well as tighten skin laxity, our abdominal sculpting procedure offers you a chance to sculpt your abs into a masculine physique.