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Tattoo Eraser (Removal) in Austin, TX

Come to the Right Doctor for the Wrong Tattoo. Doctor Michael Escobedo, MD and Staff Specializes in Tattoo Removal. Contact Us for More Information at (512) 270-6291.

Tattoo Removal Near Me Austin TX

Tattoo regret do not fret. Tattoo Eraser the alternative to laser tattoo removal. Today there are a variety of different solutions from laser tattoo removal to micro-needling devices used to safely and effectively remove tattoos.

The Tattoo Eraser incorporates a similar technique introduced in 1888 by Dr. Gustave Variot from France. The Variot’s method consists of tattooing a solution onto the skin delivering it to the appropriate depth to break-up the ink. The ink then rises to the surface as a scab during the healing process rather than being transported into the lymphatic system such as seen with laser tattoo removal. At Escobedo Esthetics we use the Variot’s Method combined with a 36 pin micro-needling device and a proprietary formula to effectively remove the tattoo in a shorter period of time than with laser tattoo removal.

Some adverse events associated with Tattoo Eraser may be redness, irritation, allergic reaction, changes in skin pigmentation, and scarring. If you have sensitive skin, we would recommend less aggressive treatments or treating partial areas to see how well you respond to the treatment.

How many treatment sessions will it require?

We recommend a treatment once a month until you are pleased with the results. The number of sessions depends on a variety of factors associated with the tattoo and the individual patient.

What is the cost of a Tattoo Eraser session?

We charge $299 (military/students $199) per session for a tattoo the size of ¼ sheet of paper. We sell a package of 3 for $599 (military/students $499). We recommend purchasing a package of 3 sessions to get you started. It is impossible to quote a price for tattoo removal using the Tattoo Eraser without a personal consultation. In general larger tattoos cost more to treat.

What types of skin can you treat with the Tattoo Eraser?

Since the Tattoo Eraser does not incorporate heat to eliminate a tattoo like laser tattoo removal, we can safely treat Fitzpatrick skin Types I-VI. However, darker skin tones may develop skin pigmentation changes. The likelihood is much less with the Tattoo Eraser than with laser tattoo removal.

What color of pigments can you treat with the Tattoo Eraser?

The Tattoo Eraser is colorblind so all colors and shades of pigment are treated. The colors do not turn black upon treatment as with some laser tattoo removal devices.

Is it healthier to do a Tattoo Eraser or Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment?

Laser tattoo removal shatters the pigment into tiny pieces which are then cleared through the lymphatic system, kidney, and liver, an internal process. Tattoo Eraser dissolves and lifts the pigment to the surface or the skin, an external process. It seems the Tattoo Eraser bypasses the internal organs making it a healthier method to remove a tattoo.

Can I combine a Tattoo Eraser treatment with laser tattoo removal treatment to expedite elimination of my tattoo?

You may combine Tattoo Eraser and laser tattoo removal to expedite clearance of your tattoo at any point in the process. Some individuals may already be in the middle of a laser tattoo removal cycle. We recommend purchasing one Tattoo Eraser treatment and having it done one month after your laser tattoo removal session. You have the freedom to remove that tattoo any way you desire.

I had laser tattoo removal and it looks like a ghost or shadow image now. What can I do?

Often times after several treatments the laser’s power will push the ink deeper into the fat layers causing a phantom tattoo. If this happens you might need to have it surgically removed. Alternatively, if the pigment remains superficial but is very faint, we may be able to blend out the colors using a combination of IPL, Tattoo Eraser, and Ultrapulse Deep FX treatments to remodel skin and improve the overall texture and appearance. Give us a call to discuss this in more detail.

Some things to consider when using lasers to remove tattoos:

  • The number laser tattoo removal sessions varies depending on the size, depth, age, type, pigment, host age, host health, and a variety of other factors such as the laser used. Some report up to 20 sessions spaced 2 months apart.
  • A variety of tattoo ink pigment shades may become darker after a laser tattoo removal treatment requiring additional sessions to eliminate. In addition as the tattoo fades it requires higher energy levels to achieve more clearance. Higher energy means more risk of scarring and pushing the pigments deeper into the fat layer necessitating surgical excision of the tattoo.
  • Laser Tattoo removal is painful and expensive.
  • Darker skin tones such as Asians, Hispanics, and African Americans may have an adverse reaction such as darkening or lightening of the skin after laser tattoo removal treatment.
  • Laser tattoo removal may lead to scarring especially in Asians, Hispanics, and African Americans.
  • Laser tattoo removal may actually make the tattoo worse because the photo acoustic waves may push the ink particles deeper into the skin possibly into the fat resulting in a phantom tattoo. A phantom tattoo creates a shadow on the skin requiring surgical excision which can lead to more adverse events.
  • Laser tattoo removal may be hazardous to your health in that some tattoo pigments originate from industrial sources indicated for use on cars, furniture, writing inks, and other uses not approved by the FDA. Since these pigments are eliminated via the lymphatic system, one has to consider the possible health risks of eliminating a tattoo using a laser.

Some things to consider when using Tattoo Eraser to eliminate a tattoo:

  • Tattoo Eraser removes a tattoo much faster than laser tattoo removal and the cost is less.
  • Tattoo Eraser is color blind so it removes all colors the same time unlike laser tattoo removal which focuses on first removing blacks and blues then chases different colors by adjusting wavelengths necessitating more sessions and higher costs.
  • We always use a topical numbing cream so there is minimal discomfort, and it is much less painful than laser tattoo removal.
  • Most tattoos are inked in at a variety of depths between 0.5mm to 1.5mm. Our device penetrates up to 3mm if necessary without much effort. Laser tattoo removal devices must increase the power to penetrate to a depth of 3mm. As such there is a higher chance of scarring, pain, and distortion.
  • Toxic ink is released with a scab outside the body rather than transported within the lymphatic system back to your liver as with laser tattoo removal.
  • Tattoo Eraser works for all skin types.

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