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Thermage Skin Tightening in Austin, TX

Thermage Tightens Skin Non-invasively by Using Radio Frequencies That Gently Heats the Skin to Help Tighten Sagging or Loose Skin. Call Escobedo Esthetics Today for More Information at (512) 270-6291.

Thermage Skin Tightening Near Me Austin TX

This stimulates the renewal of collagen to help provide a smooth, sleek, and young feel that normal skin creams cannot provide.

In as little as one treatment you can enjoy the benefits of tight skin without worrying about fine lines, wrinkles, or other loose skin problems.

How Does the Thermage Skin Tightening Treatment Work?

The Thermage treatment uses a cooling and heating system which allows for the proper breakdown of collagen to reshape loose skin.

It all begins with a cooling effect caused by the application of cryogen to allow for the comfort and safety of the skin layers. This is followed by the placement of a flat tip that delivers the radiofrequency energy to the targeted tissue. The energy heats up the skin layers allowing for the collagen to be reshaped. A final blast of cryogen is used to help cool down the skin and allow for proper healing.

The Thermage skin tightening treatment can be used in a variety of locations around the body, such as the face, body, and the eye.

Facial Skin Tightening

With age comes the appearance of sagging skin, wrinkles, and fine lines on your once flawless skin. Thermage treats loose skin and helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth or forehead, sagging skin under the chin also known as “turkey neck”, loose jowls, or a lack of definition in the jaw line.


Apart from tightening skin in the body, the Thermage skin tightening procedure is effective at reducing fine lines, excess skin around the eyelid, and hooding in areas around the eye.

There are several benefits as well, including:

  • Reducing bags under the eyes
  • Softening crows feet and other fine lines
  • Allowing for a more youthful and rested appearance

Body Skin Tightening

Our bodies are not immune from the effects of age. Wrinkled and sagging skin can appear around the stomach, knees, arms, legs, hands, breasts, and more. Likewise, losing weight or going through pregnancy can result in unwanted bulges or sagging skin, which are easily treated with the Thermage skin tightening procedure.

What is the cost of Thermage Skin Tightening?

The cost of the procedure starts at $1,699 per session.

How long does the procedure take?

Each session is about 1-1.5 hours in length. There is no downtime.

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