What Causes Brown Spots on the Skin?

brown spots

Dark or brown spots on the skin form as a result of a variety of factors, including exposure to the sun, heat, trauma, and even spicy foods. They can ruin an otherwise flawless appearance and even cause some issues with self esteem unless it’s treated with the help of IPL laser photofacial treatments.

The effects are more prominent on those with lighter skin tones. Those with darker skin can face challenging treatments as a result of the amount of pigmentation in the skin. Thankfully, Dr. Escobedo has a variety of treatments that will help improve the appearance of any spots you might have on your skin.

What Happens Inside the Skin that Causes a Dark or Brown Spot?

Increased exposure to the sun without the use of sunblock, heat, trauma, and even certain kinds of spicy foods can cause inflammation. This inflammation on the skin could lead to the development of brown or dark spots on the skin. These spots often occur in high exposure areas such as the face and neck.

This can lead to feelings of distress for many as they try and conceal the spots with makeup and clothing. However, there are a variety of skin care products that have been developed to help address this issue.

Do Skin Care Products Improve Brown or Dark Spots?

Not all skin care products are created equal. The majority of bleaching or lightening creams were designed for those with lighter skin tones. These skin care products usually contain a few ingredients of varying concentrations including retinol, vitamin C, topical anti-inflammatory, as well as a pigment enzyme inhibitor.

Lighter skin tones are able to tolerate higher strengths of these bleaching products but often with redness and fading as a side effect. Those with a darker skin tone also experience some fading and redness as a side effect, but the brown spot tends to reappear a few days later.

In some cases the inflammation that comes as a side effect of the cream could even cause other blemishes to appear on the skin.

For this reason, Dr. Michael Escobedo has created his own bleaching and skin lightening products. Escobedo Skin Lightening Cream is formulated with over 13 ingredients at lower concentrations. By doing this, the inflammation that appears in darker skin with other products is no longer present. Dr. Michael Escobedo researched a variety of skin bleaching agents and with the help of pharmaceutical experts he was able to make a product that helps remove blemishes.

Unlike other bleaching products, Escobedo Skin Lightening Cream is applied nightly, twice a week. It benefits not only those with lighter skin, but also helps those who might not have had success with other products.

Does IPL Laser Photofacial Treatments Improve Dark or Brown Spots?

IPL laser photofacial treatments are effective at improving the appearance of dark or brown spots on the surface of the skin. However, those with skin that has a darker tone will require a higher amount of treatments.

Escobedo Esthetics has perfected the treatment after first offering the treatment back in 1998 in Austin, Texas. Each procedure is conducted in a safe and controlled manner to gently and effectively improve the appearance of dark or brown spots on the skin.

We offer a package with consists of 12 monthly IPL laser treatment and 12 liquid microdermabrasion facials in order to improve the results of the treatment. This is usually done after a period of 10 days to ensure that the skin has had time to heal.

Improve Dark or Brown Spots Today

All patients are prescribed a skin care regimen that fits their unique skin type and desired results. This includes the Escobedo skin lightening cream in addition to a cleanser, toner, lactic acid lotion, and sunblock. Patients who are currently undergoing the procedures are advised to avoid exposure to the sun without protection in order to avoid any potential skin damage due to the sensitivity of the skin.

Once the skin care products have had a chance to take effect, IPL treatments will begin to ensure that the dark spots are removed safely.

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